ABARIS is a company specialised in repairing, modifying and maintaining rotating equipment manufactured by any reputable machine constructor from all over the world.  Organised with a staff of technicians and mechanical/ electrical engineers, trained on the most diverse skills, ABARIS will be able to assist you swiftly and effectively.

ABARIS is at your service for the repair/overhaul of your :
  • roots blowers
  • positive displacement blowers
  • single and double stage screw compressors, oil free or oil injected
  • rotary vane compressors
  • side channel compressors
  • refrigeration compressors
  • industrial fansvacuum pumps
  • helium leak test on vacuum blowers and vacuum installations
  • 24/24h response service
ABARIS offers following technical services:
  • mechanical vibration analysis
  • noise analysis
  • lubrication oil analysis
  • electrical maintenance and troubleshooting
  • machine diagnosis or functional troubleshooting by own engineers
  • machine training, on-site or in our own workshop
  • fast repair service (3 days repair service after consulting the factory)
  • express parts delivery (after consulting the factory)


Repairing rotating equipment is not just a job… it’s a passion. Our staff of technicians have all together over 100 years of experience, enabling us to repair severely damaged machines as well as solving our customer’s biggest problems, even when time is a critical matter. In order to guarantee a 100% successful repair, no compromises are made. Every machine will pass through the 6 stages of the repair cycle:

  • disassembly/functional check
  • cleaning
  • re-assembly
  • test bench
  • painting
  • final quality check.

Every year, our main suppliers are subjected to a Supplier Competence Check, where the quality of their deliveries and the reliability of their lead times are considered as the main evaluation criteria. All these are key factors, which allow ABARIS to maintain its “no-failure policy” for repaired machines.


ABARIS BLOWER REPAIR was founded in 2006 as a repair company for your rotating equipment such as rotary piston blowers and screw compressors.  A team of motivated and skilled engineers and technicians have gathered together to work on a dream which was to better serve the market of repair business on single and twin shaft machines.  In this activity ABARIS is responsible for a diversity of specialties ranging from simple liquid pumps to complex (gas)screw compressors.  ABARIS BLOWER REPAIR is not just a repair shop… it is a team of people making things happen for their customers and partners.


ABARIS has its headquarters near Brussels (Belgium). We operate internationally through a network of partners. Our final goal is to reach customer satisfaction by offering a higher level of service, by diversifying our activities and at the same time respecting each country’s local regulations.